Classic Movie Choices for the Indecisive

Whether you are in the midst of a romantic getaway in a plush hotel, room service at your beck and call and a flat screen TV with in-room, on-demand movies at your finger tips, or you are lounging at home in your pyjamas with a bag of Doritos, choosing a movie to watch with your significant other is no simple task.

On-demand movie services are magnificent; they allow users to pick from a plethora of options and watch them whenever they want. However, with just so many movies available, choosing can be overwhelming. In order to avoid hours of scrolling and heated disagreements, here are a few classic movies in a variety of genres that will entertain and delight (almost) anyone!

The Oldie: Singin' in the Rain

Mind-bending tap scenes, a truly intriguing story line and Gene Kelly—Singin' in the Rain is a movie that is widely known but often under appreciated. The musical explores how the development of cinema audio technology in the twenties had drastic, damaging, brilliant and hilarious consequences for silent movie actors at the time. The music, the dancing and the acting is superb—you'll finding yourself swinging off lamp posts in a rain shower in no time!

The Classic Drama: Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks as the affable Forrest Gump is the ultimate crowd pleaser. It combines the feel-good vibe of a romantic comedy with historical references and lovable characters. The tale follows the life of Forrest from his childhood to adulthood, focusing on the wonderful and astonishing achievements he manages to rack up (generally by accident) along the way. 

The Witty Comedy: Mean Girls

There are few teenage comedies that manage to delight and excite like Mean Girls. This is not a typical "chick movie"—it is sharp, clever and hilarious. If you are in search of movie that will inspire howling laughter, Mean Girls is for you. The story follows Cady, who goes from being home schooled in Africa to starting in an American high school. She quickly discovers she is completely unprepared for the social norms of high-school life. Lindsay Lohan is likeable as the clueless lead who decides to infiltrate the popular "mean girls" clique, but will she lose herself to the allure of popularity?

The Ultimate Feel-Good Film: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This is a less well-known but fantastically original feel-good movie about a juvenile delinquent, Ricky Baker, who is fostered to a family in rural remote New Zealand. An epic adventure ensues when the boy chooses to run away and fend for himself in the mountainous forest land—cue incompetent police, scary gangsters and hilarious escapades.