Essential Attractions for Your School's Summer Fundraiser

Summer is the perfect time to plan an event to raise much-needed funds for your school and provide an amazing day out for pupils and their families. A well-planned fundraiser could become a successful yearly event that grows as the word about it spreads. However, a poorly planned event won't make much money and probably won't have many repeat visitors.

The key to a great day is to plan plenty of fun outdoor entertainment for kids of all ages. Parents will enjoy a short break from entertaining their offspring during the holidays, and kids will have a great time trying out new things. Including the three attractions below and charging a small fee for each is sure to make your event a great success.

Bouncy assault course

More exciting than a plain old bouncy castle, a bouncy assault course is a great way for kids to burn off some energy. Assault courses can be hired in many different sizes and difficulty levels. Obstacles can include squeeze walls, bouncy tubes, scramble walls, slopes and ball pits. Consider the age of your attendees when deciding on which course to hire, and check the age recommendation. Simple courses without any high areas or ropes are perfect for younger kids, while more complex courses allow older children and adults to test their skills. Offer prizes for the fastest time to increase custom.

Land train

A land train is perfect if you have a large school field, and it can be set up to take visitors from attraction to attraction. If you've run fundraisers before and found that stalls set up near the back of the field didn't get much custom, then a land train is the perfect solution. Set it up to stop close to the furthest away stalls, and passengers won't have any choice but to enjoy a browse. Land trains are also great if you're expecting lots of pre-school and elderly visitors. While these two groups probably won't be keen to take part in more boisterous activities, a gentle ride on a miniature train is perfect. It'll be nice and relaxing for visiting grandparents and super exciting for little ones. Most trains don't require a track and can run on any surface.

Inflatable maze

A giant, colourful maze is loads of fun for kids and adults alike and helps little ones develop their problem solving skills. You could use the inside of the maze as a place to display information about how the money from this fundraiser will be used, encouraging visitors to give more. People aren't usually keen to read loads of information on stands, so presenting it in a creative way, ready for them to 'discover' can be really effective.