How to Throw a 'Grown up' Party for Your Tween

The ages between child and teenager can be an awkward time, especially when it comes to planning birthday parties. Your child probably thinks they're much too old for pass the parcel and pineapple on sticks, but you might be desperate to preserve their innocence. Coming to a compromise is always important in parenting, and shows your child that you respect them, but still have firm boundaries.

Planning a 'grown up' party for your tween is a great way to let them have fun with their friends and feel mature. You'll be able to keep an eye on things, and your child will feel like they've got what they wanted, making them less inclined to try and rebel.

Hire the right DJ

You should hire a DJ that knows what kind of music is popular with young people. The DJ that played at your wedding might be a great old friend, but chances are that your tween wouldn't be impressed. Playing the kind of pop music that's heard in clubs will make your child and their friends feel really grown up, and dancing is a great activity to replace party games. There may be some songs that aren't appropriate for your child, to hear, so chat to the DJ beforehand and agree that songs with inappropriate or adult lyrics will be excluded from the playlist.

Make mocktails

As kids get older, they often start showing an interest in alcohol. It's important that your children know why they shouldn't drink until they're an adult, but that doesn't mean they have to miss out on fancy drinks. Look up 'mocktail' recipes with your child, and pick a few for the party. Accessories like cocktail umbrellas are really fun, and party guests will love posing for selfies with their drinks. Just make sure you let their parents know that everything's alcohol-free, or you might get a few angry phone calls! You could even make 'jelly shots' using fruity drinks, or serve non-alcoholic champagne for a birthday toast.

Book a limo

Half the fun of a birthday party is arriving in style. Organize a limo for your child and a few friends, and let them enjoy the grown-up thrill of having their very own chauffeur for an hour. Ask the limo company to provide orange juice in champagne glasses for a real feeling of luxury. Making the limo ride a surprise will be the perfect start to the party, and your tween will be smiling before they even arrive. Be sure to get plenty of photos - they'll be priceless to look back on in ten years' time, when your tween really is grown up.