3 Key Deliberations When Selecting A Venue For Your Wedding Party

When it comes to wedding planning, finding the right venue for your function is one of the things that you must do early on. This is because all other plans may be futile if you have not identified a suitable venue to hold your event. A lot of considerations go into making sure that you choose the right venue for your wedding party. Here are some key things you should contemplate.


One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are selecting a venue for your wedding party is its location. In this regard, you will need to check who your guests are and the places they will be streaming in from. The location of the event needs to be functional or convenient for most of the people in your guest list; you can even spare some time to exhaustively research travel times. This way, you can reduce the chances of under-attendance on your big day.

Size of your guest list

When it is time to choose a venue for your wedding party, the size of the grounds needs to be just right. If the venue is too small, it will lead to congestion. If it is too big, it will give the impression of being under-attended and failed.

How many people do you expect to attend your wedding party? Do you expect only a small assemblage of close friends and relatives or you have compiled a long list of guests travelling in from far and wide? Before embarking on looking for a venue, be sure to make follow-up calls to confirm the attendance of the invited guests. This will help get an accurate estimate of potential attendees and thus choose a venue that is sizeable enough to accommodate them all.

Facilities offered

What facilities can be found at your preferred venue? Are these facilities required for your wedding party? For example, a venue with good interior décor and decent chairs can save you the trouble of having to do the decoration work from scratch and hiring your own chairs. If you are going to have the function indoors in the summer, you had better check if the rooms are sufficiently air-conditioned to cool your guests. If the event is going to be held outdoors, securing a venue that also offers marquees for hire can be a wonderful move. Be sure to look for venues that are one-stop providers of facilities needed for your event.