Is a One-Piece Pool Right For You? This 6-Step Checklist Well Help You Decide

Pre-constructed one-piece pools are all the rage nowadays, but are they the right option for you? Here are 6 questions you need to answer to make your choice.

What's your budget?

If you're looking to get a pool installed as cheaply as possible, a one-piece pool is your best bet. One of the main reasons for this is labour costs. One-piece pools are pre-assembled before they arrive at your property, so they require less time to install. The quicker the installation, the less you'll spend on contractors. The construction of these pools also makes them more durable, which reduces the amount you should expect to spend on repairs or restoration.

How soon do you want it?

A one-piece pool is ideal if you're looking to dip your toes in the water as soon as possible. Again, the pre-assembly means they take less time to install. While a bespoke pool can take months to plan and complete, a one-piece pool can be installed in a few days.

Are you looking for something bespoke?

Speaking of bespoke, the one-piece pool is not the right choice for people who have a special, exact design in mind. As they're pre-constructed, there are a limited number of shells to choose from. Of course, you can customise a one-piece to be more to your liking by changing aspects like the default lighting.

How big do you want it?

Aside from the shape of your pool, you also need to think about the size you want. Remember that a one-piece pool will be transported to your house fully-built, so they can only be as big as the vehicle and the road width allow for. If you're looking for a very large, luxury pool, you should opt for a custom construction.

How much work are you willing to do?

All pools need some maintenance, but one-piece pools require less than traditionally constructed pools. Aside from their aforementioned durability, these pools are also more resistant to bacteria and algae. This is because they're made by filling a mold with a non-porous material (usually polyester, ceramic composite or fiberglass). The method ensures there are no cracks or gaps in the shell that bacteria can get into, so a one-piece pool won't need as many chemical treatments.

Do you need it hot?

There are several reasons why you may want a pool that reaches high temperatures. For example, therapy pools and spa pools often need to be warmer than a typical swimming pool. If your requirements fit into one of these categories, you may need to opt for a traditional custom pool. Many one-piece pools are made using materials that cannot withstand high heat. If you're in the market for a regular leisure or training pool with a heat of around 26 to 30°C, a one-piece pool will suit your needs just fine.

If you've made your decision or you'd like more help choosing, you should get in touch with a swimming pool construction company like Gold Coast Family Pools & Spas. They'll be able to ensure that your choice is suitable for your needs and your property.