Stimulating your child's desire to learn in the preschool years

Many parents are eager to get their children ready to learn before they start formal schooling. Finding the right activities and classes can make sure that your child gets excited about learning and starts school eager to see what else they might learn in a new environment. 

Here are some reasons that preschool dance classes can be a great start for your child. 


Preschool dance classes are built around fun. The activities are set to music and focus on enjoyable movement rather than learning strict dance techniques. The children get a chance to interact social and encourage each other to practise skills and learn the routine. 

Physical co-ordination

Learning to coordinate movement across different parts of the body helps the children to prepare for some of the physical skills that they will need for schooling including core strength and posture to help them comfortably sit in their school chairs and strength in the arms and shoulders to help them grip and hold pencils. By learning this in a fun way it comes naturally and you may find them naturally practising outside of the classroom. 


As children progress through a class they develop new skills and often build to a full routine and performance in front of peers and parents at the end of the term. This helps them to build confidence in their own ability to learn new skills, as well as resilience to keep on practising skills until they achieve success. This skill is extremely important for children as they approach schooling and need to learn new and initially challenging skills such as reading and writing.

Integrated learning outcomes

Preschool dance classes include themes that help children to learn different vocabulary, through the songs that are learning as well as often developing knowledge of other topics such as how to count or the letters of the alphabet. By learning these4 facts in a fun way they are often easy to recall and can help the kids to start school with a flying start.

The extra enthusiasm for learning, improved physical coordination, and confidence that your child can gain from a preschool dance class can put them in a great position to learn at school. If you are looking to help your child succeed why not start them in a preschool dance class this term? For more information about the benefits of preschool dance classes, talk to a professional.