How to invite the whole class to your backyard party and stay sane

For certain ages and schools it is considered almost compulsory to invite the whole class to your child's birthday party. It can be a lot of work, but is fun for the kids so we utterly recommend you embrace the trend.

If you are wondering how to have the whole class over and maintain some sanity, read on.

Hire a bouncy castle

No matter how old children are they love bouncy castles, and the physical activity uses up some of their energy. Contact a party hire store and you'll have a choice of different themed bouncy castles to get the kids moving. Make sure to allocate one adult to keep an eye on what goes on in the bouncy castle as mid air collisions can occur.

Have a range of games set up

While you are at the party hire store, look at the games selection. If you have a group of children don't try and have them all waiting for one activity, but have a range of games they can cycle through. Piñatas are good fun, as are pin the tale on the donkey. Don't feel like all of the prizes need to be lollies, many of the children will be just as excited by stickers or small toys.

Have some cool music organised

Hire some simple sound equipment and get your child to help you come up with their party sound track. The kids will love the music and you can set up some music dancing based games like musical statues if they seem to be struggling with giving each other enough space.

Think about the siblings

If you might have some younger sibling coming along too, set up a smaller folks play zone. Toddlers often love chasing bubbles and bubble machines can easily be hired from a party hire equipment store as well. This is a good time to dig out some old baby toys and maybe set up a small ball pit in a wading pool.

Get the kids to take some of the party supplies home

As part of your lolly bag, let the kids each take home a helium balloon or some of the themed signage you have around. This is a double whammy - they will get a cool balloon and you'll have one less thing to clean up.

Enjoy having all the kids around. Before long your children will settle into smaller parties and less dramatic birthdays, so enjoy their excitement while you can.